Our 15 minute 'step by step' guide to creating your website.

This section of our website offers advice to anyone thinking of launching or updating a website. The guide, which only takes 15 minutes to read, outlines the design / build process and the various points you may need to consider. The guide places each step in the right order, giving you control over the final result and the cost a web designer is likely to charge for creating your website. Click the buttons below to move through each step.

Ready to create a new website ? ... find out in just 15 minutes

Site owners (just like you) take a vital role in creating successful websites. Being aware of the design and build process, allows you to control the outcome, ensuring that the site you get ... is exactly what your business needs.

Creating a website involves a number of separate steps, together they form a well tested pathway from writing the first line of text through to launch.

A recent client survey highlighted that about 70% of complaints about web designers weren't about design but came from a lack of planning and communication. So taking 15 minutes to read these articles will help you avoid potential problems, clarify your requirements and bring together the elements needed to create a very successful site.

A well tested pathway to a great website.

Whenever potential new clients contact us we encourage them to read this article. Understanding the process - allows us to work in partnership - to create a very successful website that exceeds your expectations and produces great results.

"Why do some websites produce fantastic results while others get nothing"...
if you don't know the answer now ... you will in 15 minutes.

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